System Manager, Catering Areas

ALMACO Offshore (Nantes, France)


As Systems Manager for Catering Areas of the Offshore Division you would be responsible for leading the project design team on one or several projects, depending on their relative size and complexity.  As manager for the design team, you would be charged with preparing the project schedule and ensuring that it contains a detailed account of design tasks, project design activities, and appropriate resource planning allocation.  With this schedule in place, it is your responsibility to ensure deadlines are met, budgetary restrictions are observed, and the customer’s technical needs are satisfied.  You are the designated resource for the customer on all technical inquiries and the point person orchestrating involvement between internal departments and external parties/vendors.  As you shoulder these responsibilities, you are asked to maintain meticulous design documentation that meets project requirements, follows ALMACO procedure, and reflects professional standards that when complete, may be submitted to the customer. 


Competencies Required

  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Degree in Engineering and strong technical awareness in Galleys and Shipbuilding. Knowledge in Freezer/Cold Rooms and Refrigeration machinery would be a plus.
  • Familiar with Offshore Construction practices, Certifying Authority requirements, International Codes and Standards.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize ongoing multiple tasks.
  • Leadership, sense of responsibility, teamwork, interpersonal relations and communication skills.
  • Open minded, self-starter, able to take initiative and work in a fast moving international environment.
  • Commitment to quality
  • Computer skills : Autocad, Microsoft XLS, Word, Acrobat, MS Project…etc


For further position details, please contact Project Manager Eric Guiot at: Office: +33-2-4030 5005 or Mobile: +33-7-8560 2077. 


For application submissions, please email Caroline Fleurance at