ALMACO provides refurbishment project feasibility studies

For any bigger refurbishment project ALMACO carries out a comprehensive technical feasibility study and project description. The study concentrates on the most important technical issues and verifies whether or not the proposed modifications can be done on the vessel. Typical contents of an ALMACO feasibility study include the following items:

  • Project description and ship information
  • Description of relevant rule issues
  • Preliminary layouts for the areas to be refurbished
  • Weight and Stability Check
  • Description of structural fire protection changes
  • Main items regarding structures, electric, HVAC and catering
  • Escape calculation (for example, when new cabins are added or when a purpose of space is changed)
  • Preliminary budget figures for the intended scope of work

ALMACO in close cooperation with the owner produces the feasibility study at an early project stage to avoid any expensive surprises affecting the schedule and scope of the refurbishment project. During 2003 technical feasibility studies and project descriptions where prepared for extensive refurbishment projects onboard M/S Monarch of the Seas and M/S Nordic Empress.