ALMACO modernizes passenger ferry M/S Eckerö

ALMACO upgrades hotel areas onboard Eckerö Linjen's (Aland, Finland) recently acquired vessel M/S Eckerö, formerly M/S Jens Kofoed. Eckerö Linjen needed a turnkey supplier for total modernization of the ship's hotel areas, including technical and galley areas. ALMACO was awarded the contract after making a comprehensive proposal that met the Owner's needs. ALMACO's scope of delivery includes total project management for refurbishment of several public areas, cabins, restaurants, galley modifications, cold stores and refrigeration. All HVAC works, electric installations and safety systems are provided by ALMACO. The vessel is in dry dock in Tallinn and the modernization work will be finished in the beginning of 2006. Some of the catering related works are done in Poland.

Renewed Public Spaces

Both decks five and six will undergo overall renovation as cabin areas on deck five aft part are converted into new tax free shop, perfume shop and related stock areas and some of the cabins in fwd part will be converted into technical spaces, hospital and laundry. On the same deck in the middle, Entrance and Info hall are to be completely refurbished. On deck 6 all catering areas will be modernized, two new playrooms are to be built - one for small children the other for children 9 to 14 years of age, both rooms next to the cafeteria. On upper decks Bar Lounge will be renovated and a new meeting room will be built. There will be a new crew dayroom with sauna, gym and dressing as well as a renovated free space for future projects. A sauna and few new cabins are also built on deck two. In addition ALMACO will renew all staircases on decks 3-7.

Modernized Catering Areas

Onboard Eckerö ALMACO modernizes major part of the food handling areas: Cafeteria, A la Carte restaurant as well as Buffet restaurant are under complete renovation on deck six. The galley within A la Carte restaurant will be modernized and two provision stores will be added into the galley area. New smoking room will be built as well on the restauration area. On upper decks a 140-seats grill cafe with pantry, galley and counters will be installed. Another new pantry will be installed within new officer and crew mess room. Two new cold stores will be added on deck two.

Rederieaktiebolaget Eckerö bought M/V Jens Koefoed from Bornholms Trafikken A/S at the end of last year. The vessel is built in Aalborg 1979, is 121 m long and can transport 1500 passengers and 250 cars. It is Eckerö Line's largest ferry so far. According to the owner, the upgraded ferry will operate on the Grissleham-Eckerö route.