ALMACO refrigeration machinery serves M/S Color Fantasy

MacGREGOR food handling technology unit, ALMACO since May 2005 , supplied the refrigeration machinery for cooling provisions stores, catering areas and equipment such as counters and refrigerators. The direct-expansion plant uses the green HFC refrigerant R404A, and employs six compact condensing units based on semi-hermetic type piston compressors.

Each of the three circuits (sub-zero temperatures; positive temperatures; catering circuit) employs two condenser units mounted on a common frame, one running and one on stand-by. The positive and the negative condensing units have one compressor each and the catering condensing units have two compressors each.

This is a new type of compressor specifically designed for the ferry market. ALMACO has supplied refrigeration machinery to many cruise ships and the benefit of this experience has been used to meet the requirements of a ferry service with regular maintenance opportunities.

The negative circuit serves four freezer rooms on deck 2. The positive circuit cools 12 chilled rooms on deck 2, and around 20 varied pieces of refrigerated equipment in the preparation galley on deck 2. The catering circuit cools four chilled rooms in the main galley on deck 6, and around 120 varied pieces of equipment in the crew galley on deck 5 and on decks 6-7.