ALMACO Balcony Divider meets the latest recommendations


ALMACO responds to ship owners' need to follow the latest recommendations by developing new non-combustible Balcony Dividers for easy installation.

Crystal Cruises' luxury ship, Crystal Symphony, received ALMACO's recently developed non-combustible aluminum dividers/partitions on its balconies during her drydock in November this year. The Balcony Divider is easy to install on board, as the door construction is pre-fabricated. Installation of 568 dividers onboard Crystal Symphony was completed in 9 days during the vessel's drydock in October-November this year. The hinges can be welded to the side shell or mounted on existing partition steel support structures. The door construction is locked with a triangle lock mechanism mounted on the frame construction and can be opened from both sides. Balcony Dividers are designed to be large enough for a person wearing fire-fighting gear to pass through. The doors are meant to be locked normally but can be opened from each side.

Non-combustible materials

ALMACO Balcony Divider is made of non-combustible materials: the frame profile and hinges are made of aluminum and the inner construction is of aluminum plate with 3 mm face plates. The construction can be painted according to RAL colors. The new balcony partitions are relatively light, with an approximate weight of 30 kg per partition.

Latest recommendations

ALMACO Balcony Divider has been examined by Lloyd's Register for compliance with SOLAS regulations and the new IMO MSC draft amendments. The proposed draft amendments to SOLAS chapter II-2 are aimed at ensuring that existing regulations 4.4 (Primary deck coverings), (Ceilings and linings), 5.3.2 (Use of combustible materials), 6 (Smoke generation potential and toxicity) are also applied to cabin balconies on new passenger ships. For existing passenger ships, the MSC presented relevant provisions requiring that furniture on cabin balconies be of restricted fire risk unless fixed water spraying systems, fixed fire detection and fire alarm systems are fitted, and that partitions separating balconies be constructed of non-combustible materials, similar to the provisions for new passenger ships. Additionally, for vessels in which the keel is laid after July 1, 2008, it must be possible for crew to open the balcony partitions from both sides for fire-fighting purposes.