Empress of the Seas bathrooms refitted with ALMACO's new Floor Element

ALMACO will handle a variety of refurbishment works onboard Empress of the Seas during its drydock next November. The renovation involves Pool Deck, Dining Room, Passenger Cabins and Crew Day Room. ALMACO will complete the project using US labor.

M/S Empress of the Seas will be drydocked at Charleston, South Carolina in the USA in November. ALMACO will renovate several areas on board using US labor. Six hundred bathrooms in the passenger cabins will be refitted with ALMACO's new Floor Element. This element is a new cost and time saving solution for all shipboard wet areas. One of its major benefits is easy installation, as it can be installed directly on top of the cleaned existing surface. Floor Element has excellent mechanical properties as a result of its high fiberglass content and multilayered structure.

ALMACO's contract encompasses technical engineering, logistics, all HVAC and electrical works, turnkey interior outfitting and project management as part of an ALMACO Modernization Management package.

ALMACO has already executed extensive renovation work onboard Empress of the Seas during a major refurbishment project in 2004. At that time ALMACO renewed several Food Handling Areas and Public Areas, including 800 cabins. It also created new Food Handling Areas that included, for example, a new specialty galley.