ALMACO uses new Floor and Wall Repair elements for M/S Majesty of the Seas' modernization


ALMACO has developed Floor and Wall Repair elements for modernization projects onboard. The new elements were used for the refurbishment of all the standard cabin bathrooms onboard M/S Majesty of the Seas.

ALMACO Group completed a large refurbishment project onboard M/S Majesty of the Seas in February. ALMACO provided the ship with new Food Handling solutions and revitalized all Cabins on Majesty of the Seas, which was built in 1992.

ALMACO modernized all standard bathrooms onboard using its new Floor Repair and Wall Repair elements. ALMACO Wall Repair laminate is a reinforced glass fiber product intended to repair and strengthen corroded walls and scratched and dented bathroom, cabin and corridor walls. The laminate prevents humidity from penetrating the wall structure, therefore providing long-term benefits from the maintenance point of view. The Floor Repair element consists of a base structure made of reinforced fiberglass laminate and a superior gel coat surface treatment with an imitation tile finish. The most important advantages of both laminates are resistance, low weight, and fast installation.

Since the new Floor and Wall Repair elements were introduced, ALMACO has used these materials in modernization projects onboard seven different cruise ships.