ALMACO announces the global re-engineering of its business structure


The comprehensive restructuring, the first since ALMACO was founded in 1998, integrates ALMACO’s products and services into four distinct divisions, Accommodation Systems, Food Handling Systems, Ship Conversion Systems and Life Cycle Systems which will nonetheless perform under the company’s framework of collaboration.

The goal of restructuring is to focus on ALMACO’s product lines for enhanced development and therefore ensuring an even stronger competitive edge in the market.

The four divisions represent the practical core of the new company model, with each specializing in their own products and services. However, ALMACO remains one company and continues to be the leading provider of complete system solutions for ship owners and shipbuilders around the world. Each division will be headed as follows: Accommodation Systems by Inkeri Lehti, Food Handling Systems by Joseph Kerebel, Ship Conversion Systems by Mikael Hedberg, and Life Cycle Systems by Tero Rantanen.

The restructuring is a global undertaking impacting offices in 6 countries. Full implementation takes place starting July 2008.

ALMACO Group was founded in 1998 and has offices in China, Finland, France, Italy Singapore and United States. ALMACO is a system supplier providing innovative products and lifecycle services for Accommodation and Food Handling areas onboard passenger ships, accommodation vessels and offshore accommodation rigs.