ALMACO to modernize M/S Rotterdam’s crew bathrooms for Holland America Line

ALMACO’s durable concepts for shipboard bathroom floor and wall corrosion repair will be featured on Holland America Line’s M/S Rotterdam once her multi-million-dollar renovation is completed in December 2009.  

The floors of 223 existing crew cabin bathrooms and communal bathrooms will be modernized with ALMACO’s fiber glass laminate with tile imitation surface, which fulfills IMO Fire Test Procedures for floor coverings. These fully-certified tile imitation panels are available in all RAL colors and take care of all defects in tile flooring, such as loose grouting, loose and cracking tiles, as well as preventing humidity from accessing the floor base. Among several other qualities, they have excellent strength and are low in weight, and the installation process is easy and fast.

Similarly, the crew cabin bathrooms and communal bathrooms will be refurbished with fiber glass laminate shower wall panels, which are approved for use as low flame spread material, with low smoke production and low smoke toxicity (IMO). This laminate repairs and covers damaged wall surfaces, and prevents humidity from penetrating the bulkhead. The laminate paint is available in all NCS/RAL colors and decorative patterns. This laminate has also excellent strength and low weight.

The M/S Rotterdam will undergo the large scale renovation during the ship’s drydock from November 18 through December 16, 2009, at Freeport, Bahamas. The modernization will deliver a passenger capacity increase from 1,316 passengers to 1,404. As the sixth ship to bear the name, the M/S Rotterdam is the standard-bearer for Holland America Line’s fleet of ships. The first Rotterdam set sail in 1872.

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Holland America Line was founded in 1873 as the Netherlands-America Steamship Company (NASM), a shipping and passenger line. It has a fleet of 14, mid-size ships offering nearly 500 sailings a year visiting all seven continents. Cruises include ports in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, South America, the Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, as well as voyages to the Amazon, Antarctica and extended Grand Voyages.