ALMACO’s Refrigeration Equipment Monitoring, REM, provides a control system that links all refrigerators on-board, whether they are located in the galley or in other catering areas, and allows the operators to ensure that USPH required temperatures are constantly maintained. The galleys’ refrigerators are connected to ALMACO’s advanced REM system providing the same features as for the cold stores.

Some of REM’s benefits are:

  • REM saves the crew’s valuable time by making automatic the daily recording of the temperatures required by USPH
  • Galley Refrigerators Eco Mode allows up to 50% energy savings
  • All interconnected refrigerated systems settings and reports are managed with a single intuitive interface:
    • Provision Stores
    • Walk-ins
    • Galley Refrigerators
    • Refrigeration Plant Condensing Units and Chillers