Premium Purity™ ​ Cleaner and safer environment with long-lasting and sustainable disinfection​

ALMACO’s offers a full turnkey surface and air sanitization solution that applies the latest technology and creates self-disinfecting surfaces with a long-term effect.  Premium Purity™ provided by ALMACO consists of two synergetic products and a service create. Together they create a healthier and safer environment for cruise guests, crew, and offshore workers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way:​

  • ​ACT CleanCoat™ – Photocatalytic coating that creates low-microbial environments when applied to surfaces​
  • ACT ECA System™ – Enables eco-friendly and cost-efficient cleaning​
  • ACT Consulting and Monitoring – Verification of hygiene data and monitoring of established targets. Allows for constant improvement of hygiene level. ​​

Premium Purity™ provides self-disinfecting surfaces with a long-term effect. The solution copies nature’s own disinfection methods and is unable to create bacterial resistance over time. Find out more / If you want to know more about Premium Purity™, request additional product information or contact us.

ACT CleanCoat™ ​ Photocatalytic coating that creates low-microbial environments when applied to surfaces

ACT CleanCoat™ is based on a disruptive technology that is specifically engineered to fight harmful microbes. When ACT CleanCoat™ is applied to surfaces they become self-disinfecting and decompose microbes like bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores, and chemical compounds like VOCs. The coating is transparent and odorless and can be applied to all surfaces. Once exposed to light, it starts a photocatalytic reaction that decomposes microbes and purifies the air. ACT CleanCoat™ is approved for use on all surfaces, including surfaces with direct food contact and has a non-rinse claim.

ACT CleanCoat™ has passed 10 EN-tests conducted on organisms, such as: MRSA
E. coli, Salmonella, Influenza A, and Influenza B. ACT CleanCoat™ is also evaluated effective against coronaviridae

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ACT ECA System Enables eco-friendly and cost-efficient cleaning​ ​

Premium Purity™ is built to achieve desired hygiene levels in the most sustainable way possible. The ACT ECA System™ is a perfect example of this.

With the ACT ECA System™, we remove all toxic detergents from daily cleaning and replace them with products made from water and salt. It is suitable everywhere from cabins, galley, public areas and restaurants .

The ACT ECA System™ is the sustainable alternative to conventional cleaning with harsh detergents. The system has passed the EN 1276 test, proving its effectiveness as a disinfectant.

With an ACT ECA Pro Generator, you can create your own pH-neutral and environmentally friendly ACT ECA Water on board – eliminating the need for transport and storage of conventional cleaning detergents.

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ACT Consulting and Monitoring ​ Ensuring that the hygiene levels meet the established targets

An essential Premium Purity™ service includes collecting, tracking, and supplying our clients with relevant hygiene data and reports to ensure established targets are achieved. Our service also includes introduction and education for the ACT ECA System™. This way, ACT.Global is the client’s consultant and trusted hygiene partner.

Our client reports are based on scientific data regarding an environment’s level of cleanliness (ATP) and contamination (TPC). These data are collected during our regular service visits, and then analyzed and compiled in a client report that is available online for clients.

Every report comes with a manageable data overview that reflects the hygiene level of the client’s facilities. This ensures that the daily cleaning is adequate, the environment is low-microbial, and the established hygiene targets are achieved

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