Reduce hand bacterial transmission with touchless faucets

It is very important that faucets on Cruise Ships are durable, safe and hygienic. ALMACO is the exclusive marine distributor for Oras, who has a wide selection of touchless faucets for cruise ships that meet all the requirements in the industry. Experience and research have proven that touchless electronic faucets have significantly less microbial biomass on the surfaces than lever faucets. The spread of bacteria via faucet surface can be prevented by taking the complete bathroom and hand hygiene to the next level. As a bonus, the surface remains free from fingerprints and water droplets. 

The following features make Oras touchless faucets forerunners: 

  • Automatic flushing feature: assures that stagnated water from the faucet is periodically removed. This feature also removes the majority of contaminated water and microbes from the sink.
  • Laminar flow feature: decreases the spread of bacteria into the air when water flows from the faucet.

For further information, contact us or visit ORAS’ website to check out their portfolio of Health & Care touchless faucets.

Hand sanitizer dispensers and automatic door handle sanitizers

Touchless hand disinfection devices are a vital part of ALMACO’s health and sanitary solutions. The devices developed by Steripower offer a convenient and easy way to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Steripower’s high-quality dispensers come in different sizes and materials that blend seamlessly into the style of the interior design. They are proven to be the fastest hydro-alcoholic dispensers on the market. The solution offered by ALMACO ensures:

  • Speed and quality: Robust anfasdispensers for high foot traffic locations. 
  • Diversity and elegance: Different sizes and materials available. Standard contactless dispensers made of plastic or stainless steel that can be integrated into the interior design. 
  • Full service: ALMACO provides planning, installation, and equipment service throughout the entire lifecycle. 

Give your customers a sense of comfort with excellent hygiene by placing dispensers in entrance areas, restaurants, spa locations, and restrooms. Overall, having hand sanitizing devices available is one of the most important actions to take to protect your cruise customers and employees. Request more information about our hansanitizing solutions