Cabins & Public Spaces

ALMACO has built and modernized over 25,000 cabins and public spaces since 1998.

ALMACO has extensive experience in designing and supplying cabins and public areas, both modular and stick built, as well as providing and outfitting new accommodation blocks at the newbuild stage or during unit modernizations.

ALMACO utilizes modular cabin technology when building the cabin areas. Cabins are pre-assembled in a temporary factory in close proximity to the structure and loaded into as complete units

  • Improved quality control at cabin assembly leads to high standard deliveries
  • Reduced workload onboard & problems are solved in assembly phase
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Less resources needed to complete the cabin assembly and installation work
  • Our mobile Cabin Factory concept has simple facility and utility requirements

ALMACO’s scope of supply is tailored to suit every customer’s unique needs that can include all necessary structural and technical modifications, or it can be limited to interior modifications. ALMACO’s project organization consists of structural, HVAC, electrical and interior experts to ensure a high quality functioning accommodation area.

Galleys, Bars & Pantries

ALMACO has over 25 years of in-house experience in designing, supplying and commissioning high-quality USPH galleys.

ALMACO provides complete turnkey services to shipyards and owners who are either building or modernizing galleys and other food handling areas such as bars, buffet counters and pantries.

ALMACO utilizes modular pre-fabrication technology to build walk-in pantries, cooking units and even show galleys. The pre-fabrication provides many benefits: reduced workload and installation time on board, Quality control and full testing prior to installation.

Our typical products include:

  • All food processing and cooking equipment  (all brands)
  • Wash ware machineries
  • Refrigerators
  • Stainless steel furniture
    • Neutral furniture
    • Bar counters
    • Buffet counters
  • Hoods and canopies
  • Stainless steel panel system

Provision Stores

ALMACO provides complete turnkey services to shipyards and owners for provision stores areas. ALMACO works together with the end users to customize the provision stores in order for them to get the best usability onboard.

ALMACO’s typical scope of supply includes:

  • Design of the cold stores areas in the form of layouts, with storage capacity and workflow factored in
  • Supply of prefabricated panels and all stainless steel materials
  • Installation
  • Warranty handling
  • After Sales Services

ALMACO’s years of experience have resulted in new and innovative solutions:

  • All wall & ceiling panels, 90 degree corner panels and S/S plates are fully prefabricated in the factory allowing for a tight adjustment and easy installation
  • The Pyrofoam panel space saving solution is also used for an A-60 provision store door that ALMACO has developed

Our typical products are:

  • Prefabricated & insulated panels for walls and ceilings for cold stores and freezer rooms (Polyurethane PU and Pyrofoam PF panels)
  • Insulated doors, hinged and sliding doors
  • A60 insulated doors, hinged and sliding doors
  • Accessories: pressure equalizing valves, hatches, etc. for both PU and PF systems
  • Rockwool panels for dry-stores
  • Installation of above materials and outfitting works

Refrigeration Machinery

ALMACO is one of the market leaders who supply compressor units, air coolers and high-end electronic control systems for refrigeration plants in cruise ships, ferries & offshore units.

ALMACO offers customized Refrigeration Machinery solutions to its clients, ensuring that the system meets all needs.  Some of the benefits ALMACO offers to the marine industry is a wide range of refrigeration machinery, flexible design and a choice of compressors.  Our high end condensing units, brine chillers and control systems meet the stringent demands set by the marine environment and operation.

  • Engineering of the system and its components: refrigeration units, air-coolers, computerized Scada system (Cool Control) and electrical panels
  • Design of the piping systems
  • Supply of all materials
  • Warranty handling
  • After Sales Services

ALMACO’s years of experience have resulted in new and innovative solutions:

  • Factory packaged units with embedded electrical control panels, reducing foot print and enabling easy servicing
  • Powerful ALMACO CoolControl system allows full control and monitoring of the refrigeration units, the air-coolers and the galley refrigerators with maintenance and power consumption monitoring modules
  • Compact Air-coolers with EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) for freezer units and all components within the air-cooler housing

Complete Block Additions

ALMACO’s capabilities include the delivery of complete new block additions as well as ship lengthening projects where completely outfitted blocks were added to the ship, including Cabins, Public spaces, Galleys, bars and pantries

Design and engineering (architectural if requested)
Project Management

Background works:
Electrical cabling and systems


 As a true complete interiors’ outfitter, we offer our full lifecycle support for customized laundries solutions to meet ship owners’ needs. Our support includes pre-contractual engineering, detail design and drawings, supply and installation of the equipment, and onboard commissioning and start-up of the equipment. Learn more here:

Integrated Catering Management – ICM

The Integrated Catering Management, ICM, is a software/hardware application combining in a multi client and redundant computer system that incorporates the galley energy savings, the control and monitoring capabilities for refrigerated equipment, steam and water metering, as well as data retrieval from ovens and dishwashers, to allow for comprehensive management of all the catering areas.

ICM incorporates:

  • ALMACO GEM data
  • ALMACO REM data
  • Data available from Ovens and dishwashers, etc.
  • Data retrieved from water and steam flow meters installed on the piping system
  • Data from electrical power meters

The collected data allow the control and the monitoring of all catering systems, and are available and displayed by disciplines and catered to each end user.

Galley Energy Management – GEM

ALMACO’s Galley Energy Management, GEM, system allows cruise ship owners to control the energy usage in the galley areas. With our computerized system, owners can save up to 25 percent of electrical power for the cooking equipment (and more when combined with the ventilation system). The system is combined with inherently energy-efficient appliances, as is always ALMACO’s focus when selecting equipment for its customers.

GEM 2.0, the newest generation of this system, includes:

  • Up-to-date user’s friendly interface
  • Management of the on/off time slots of every piece of equipment
  • Management of the lighting on/off time
  • LEDs on equipment for crew awareness
  • Automatic and adaptive cut-off of the power of the equipment not in use
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Maintenance milestones and tasks scheduling and follow-up
  • QR code Wi-Fi access
  • Demand Controlled ventilation by hood module or canopy.

Refrigeration Equipment Management – REM

ALMACO’s Refrigeration Equipment Monitoring, REM, provides a control system that links all refrigerators on-board, whether they are located in the galley or in other catering areas, and allows the operators to ensure that USPH required temperatures are constantly maintained. The galleys’ refrigerators are connected to ALMACO’s advanced REM system providing the same features as for the cold stores.

Some of REM’s benefits are:

  • REM saves the crew’s valuable time by making automatic the daily recording of the temperatures required by USPH
  • Galley Refrigerators Eco Mode allows up to 50% energy savings
  • All interconnected refrigerated systems settings and reports are managed with a single intuitive interface:
    • Provision Stores
    • Walk-ins
    • Galley Refrigerators
    • Refrigeration Plant Condensing Units and Chillers

Precision Air Cooler – PAC

The proprietary flat design for ALMACO’s Precision Air Cooler, PAC, solves the challenges posed by traditional cubic air coolers including hampered air flow, uneven temperatures in the room, the required large space for maintenance, the limited air circulation, among many others.

PAC has several benefits including:

  • Even air flow for even temperature throughout provision store
  • Reduced footprint and less space required for maintenance allowing for more space to store provisions
  • Less cabling
  • Energy savings


Fast Thawing Chamber – FTC

ALMACO’s Fast Thawing Chambers, FTC, minimize the foot print taken by the thawing rooms ( less floor surface needed ), reduce the duration of the thawing and reduce the delivery time between the order and the delivery to the preparations rooms.

FTC main benefits are:

  • Highly extends the thawing capacity for a very reasonable investment compared to the other fast thawing cabinets available on the market
  • The performance of air blast and low pressure steam reduce the thawing time
  • Reduction by 50% of your requirement for thawing surfaces.
  • Time savings and more flexibility for the galley staff
  • The low pressure steam thaw keeps the weight of the food during thawing
  • The monitoring and core temperature management guarantees the fastest process with the highest sanitary control