River cruises

“In river cruise ships, the quality of the cabins, food and public areas provide a sense of luxury that complements the view along the river.” 

Enjoying a glass of wine in the sunset, watching a new spectacular view every day – that is what river cruising is all about. The passengers are there to appreciate the fundamental, basic and slow things in life, but with a flare of luxury. There are no rollercoasters, waterparks with waterslides, large theaters or observation gondolas on board of river cruise vessels. The passengers are there to relax, eat well, visit new destinations and enjoy the view from large windows, decks and balconies.    

The role of accommodation and public spaces

Onboard river cruise vessels, the accommodation areas and public spaces take over the role of enchanting the guests. The cabins onboard need to fulfill all expectations regarding comfort and functionality and the luxurious public spaces must maintain the highest standards and latest solutions regarding health protection. 

Efficient workflow and saving space

The catering areas are designed to ensure that the crew has the perfect environment for creating breath-taking culinary delicacies and masterpieces. The galleys are equipped with latest, most efficient technology and the galley and provision store layouts are optimized for efficient workflow and saving space. River cruise vessels have fully customized laundry areas and evolved plans for service, equipment replacement and spare parts.

Modern fabrication methods

ALMACO has a long history of providing high-end accommodation and catering solutions to river cruise ship owners, always with a strong focus on quality and compliance. One of the biggest benefits of working with us is the opportunity to use modern fabrication methods, like modular cabins, to achieve better quality with less costs. 

Combining strict regulatory requirements with luxury

Many companies are able to provide high quality, but few have as much experience as ALMACO of combining strict regulatory requirements with luxury. Bringing technical and operational requirements, design and comfort together is everyday work for us.