Galley equipment

Food holding & preparation

Food cooking

Food & beverage distribution


Serving & cooling

Stainless Steel

Shelves & Racks

Pallets & Bins




Provision Stores and Refrigeration

Cold room doors

Cold room door parts



Air coolers


Furniture – also upholstered




Drapery & Door leaves

Wet Units

Faucets & Mixers

Vacuum toilet systems

Bathroom accessories

Door leaves

Shower walls & Mirror cabinets

Laundry Equipment



Flatwork ironers & folders


With over 20 years of in-house experience in building and modernizing vessels and offshore units around the world, we have the expertise and large global supplier network to provide you with the most cost-efficient and logistically-convenient solutions for your new construction, refurbishments, spare parts and maintenance needs.

The strength of our company begins and ends with the relationships with our customers. We work each and every day to build on these relationships. We are passionate about bringing you the best solutions for your needs and strive to earn your continued trust by delivering each project to the highest standards.

We are here to help.

Think Globally, Act Locally

ALMACO has the approach to “Think Globally, Act Locally”, for which we have active offices around the world. However, our sourcing capabilities are not limited to our local offices and thanks to our worldwide network of suppliers, we can deliver any product to any location in the world.

Complete Spare Parts Supplier

We are ready to help our customers with their spare parts and equipment needs once we have completed the newbuilding or modernization project, but we are not limited to these types of deliveries and can also service the entire fleet regardless of our participation in a previous project.

Customer Support

We support our customers’ spare parts and equipment needs for all vessels and offshore units throughout their complete lifecycle as well as during projects. Whether it’s a day-to-day operations maintenance requirement or if the ship is being built, converted or modernized, we deliver the full spectrum of new equipment, spare parts and maintenance services cost-efficiently and on time.

Global Supplier Network

ALMACO’s global supplier network expands beyond spare parts to include equipment regardless of the original supplier, including ALMACO’s own manufactured equipment tailor-made to the vessel’s needs.

Customer Centric Approach

With an experience team, ALMACO is happy to help our customers regardless of the size of the order: whether it’s one piece for one vessel or 1,000 units for the entire fleet, ALMACO welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

20+ Years of Experience

ALMACO has over 20 years of experience doing business in Europe and Asia with suppliers, subcontractors, partner factories and delivering projects. Thanks to this extensive expertise and large volumes, ALMACO delivers high quality products at cost-efficient prices to suit the needs of each of our customers.

Our Innovation Projects

Water Saving Solutions

Investing in water saving faucets and shower mixers gives you ROI in less than 2 years in water savings

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Spare Part

We offer recommended/critical spare part packages for most galley and laundry equipment

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Prefabricated Vanity Units

Shared crew cabin with wet unit in the middle? No problem. Innovative solution for in-room vanity top

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Warehousing in challenging areas

Remote stock for critical, high rotating and pre-identified parts

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