After Sales

“The aim with our lifecycle service is to make our customers’ lives easy so that they can concentrate on their core business.”

Great lifecycle support comes in many different forms depending on whether you are a newbuild or in operation, onboard or ashore, in technical or hotel areas, etc. We strive to adapt our after sales services to fit your exact needs.

When the ship sails off, ALMACO doesn’t stay at the port waving goodbye – on the contrary – we ‘sail’ along-side our customers throughout the journey from the first drawing of the ship areas, to the engineering and construction phase, and all the way to providing equipment and spare parts and maintenance during operation, and eventually to complete modernizations or refurbishments. It is a never-ending cycle of companionship and support throughout the lifespan of the ship or offshore platform.


Our Lifecycle concept combines all supply services of equipment and spare parts with concrete and competent feet on the ground to perform service with the help of digital tools. Our team of expert service engineers provides installation and planned maintenance services as part of our complete life cycle support. There are no jobs too small or big, no locations too far away – we are there to support you with all supply and labor. This is why we call it a one-stop-shop.

Equipment & Spare parts

ALMACO’s supply chain organization provides our customers with global procurement services that are unsurpassed in the industry. We support large, complex projects in remote locations as well as everyday operations for existing fleet using suppliers from around the world. We deliver parts and equipment where you need them, on time, and in the most cost-efficient manner, regardless of the original supplier.

Maintenance & Service

From day-to-day service to turnkey maintenance agreements, we provide a large scope of after sales services for your equipment world-wide. Our turnkey and fully customizable maintenance agreements, combining preventative maintenance, spare parts and crew trainings allow significant savings on the long run. We deliver turnkey installation of all equipment types and provide the assurance of an USPHS compliant galley, and OEM warranty.