Eat well, sleep well, relax and enjoy! Our purpose is to create stunning surroundings at sea that make passengers, crew and workers long back the second they leave.

As a full turnkey provider, we offer newbuilding and modernization of all hospitality and interior living areas, as well as full lifecycle support to owners and shipyards in the marine and offshore industries. We build and serve complete interiors including cabins, superstructures, public spaces, wet units, galleys, provision stores, refrigeration machinery and laundry.

We take pride in managing large-scale turnkey projects, while making it look easy. Our customers can lean back and leave the hassle to us. ALMACO works with owners and builders around the world and has completed over 300 projects in over 40 project locations. We are experts in design, engineering, project management, procurement and construction. Our full turnkey lifecycle support includes everything from refurbishment, modernization, maintenance and crew training to delivery and installation of spare parts and equipment. We help our customers set up and execute comprehensive lifecycle plans.

ALMACO was founded in 1998 and has offices in Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and USA.


our mission

To provide Accommodation and Catering solutions that enhance our customers’ business.

our vision

To be the most valued business partner for our customers in the marine and offshore industry.


Customer Focus

Our customers rely on us to solve challenges, offer alternatives and make their lives easier when building and operating their units — and the importance of getting it right is critical. We put our customers first. You are our priority. 

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is at the core of what we do. By applying our ingenuity and creativity, as well as listening to our customers’ needs, we innovate to find solutions to some of the most complex and challenging problems for our customers. 

Continuous Improvement

The constant advancement of technology, increasingly complex design work and ever-changing guest and regulatory requirements drive us to rely on advanced technology and performance metrics to optimize our products and systems for the benefit of our customers. 

Sustainable Profitability

Environmental and social responsibility are of great importance to ALMACO, and together with a solid sustainable financial growth strategy for the company, we generate superior value for the organization, for the customer, and our society as a whole. 

Winning Together

ALMACO is one of the most respected global engineering, construction, and project management companies in the industry. Together with our customers, we deliver projects that create value to owners and unforgettable experiences for the users. 

Board of Directors

Picture of Vilhelm Roberts

Vilhelm Roberts

Executive Chairman since 2018


ALMACO Group President & CEO 2005-2017
MacGregor Group Managing Director
Passenger Ship Division 1996-2004;
General Manager Reefer Engineering 1994-1995

Picture of Ulf Hedberg

Ulf Hedberg

Executive Vice Chairman since 2018

CHAIRMAN & CEO 1998 – 2004

MacGregor Group President & CEO 1986-1997;
Executive Vice President & COO 1984-1985
Navire Cargo Gear Oy Managing Director 1982-1983;
Deputy Managing Director 1972-1981

Picture of Rainer Aalto

Rainer Aalto

Board Member since 2004


Cargotec Corporation Corporate Advisor 2005-2008
Kone Corporation Corporate Advisor 2004
Konecranes Plc CEO Asia Pacific 1998-2003
MacGregor Group Senior VP & CFO 1987- 1997

Picture of Mikael Hedberg

Mikael Hedberg

Executive Director since 2022
Board Member since 1998

ADMARES Chairman since 2020
ADMARES Group CEO 2015-2020
ALMACO Group Executive VP & COO 2005-2014;
President & COO 1998-2004
MacGregor Group Director Passenger Ships 1994-1997

Picture of Melanie Hernandez

Melanie Hernandez

Board Member since 2020


ALMACO Group People & Organization Management since 2014
After sales management 2008-2014

Picture of Thomas Lundberg

Thomas Lundberg

Board member since 2020

Åland’s Mutual Insurance Company CEO since 2021
Crosskey CEO 2012-2021
Paf Deputy CEO 2006-2012
Lehman Brothers Lawyer 2005
Linklaters Lawyer 2002-2006
Ålandsbanken Lawyer 1998, 2000-2001


Picture of Alexander Hedberg

Alexander Hedberg

Junior Board Member since 2021

Brightland Group Producer since 2021
ADMARES Purchasing 2016-2020

Picture of Mathias Roberts

Mathias Roberts

Junior Board Member since 2021

ALMACO Group Sales Manager Service Division since 2020
APC All Copy Products Business Solutions Consultant 2018-2019
ALMACO Group After Sales Management 2013-2017
Hyatt Place Hotel Supervisor 2011-2012

Management Team

Picture of Björn Stenwall

Björn Stenwall

President & CEO
President (acting), Accommodation Division

Holds position since 2020
BSc (Nav. Arch.)
Employed 2014
Management Team member since 2014

Picture of Guillaume Faysse

Guillaume Faysse

Senior Vice President & CFO

Hold position since 2005
MSc (Econ.)
Employed 2005
Management Team member since 2005

Picture of Frederic Vasseur

Frederic Vasseur

President, Catering Division

Holds the position since 2021
MSc (Mechanical & Civil Engineering); MBA
Employed 2014
Management Team member since 2020

Picture of Jussi Laimi

Jussi Laimi

Deputy to the President of Accommodation Systems

Holds position since 2015
BSc (Mechanical Engineering)
Employed 2013
Management Team member since 2021

Picture of Jean-Pierre Lepage

Jean-Pierre Lepage

Vice President, Modernization Accommodation

Holds position since 2019
MSc (Sales and Marketing)
Employed 2005
Management Team member since 2019

Picture of Hanna Långström

Hanna Långström

Vice President, Marketing

Holds position since 2021
MSc (International Marketing)
Employed 2020
Management Team member since 2020

Picture of Tero Rantanen

Tero Rantanen

Vice President, Technology & Business Process Management

Holds position since 2003
BSc (Political Science)
Employed 2001
Management Team member since 2003

Picture of Ines Stenius

Ines Stenius

Vice President, People & Organization

Holds position since 2008
BA (Language Arts)
Employed 2005
Management Team member since 2008

Annual Review 2021

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Download our magazine to read about the year that has passed. You will find information about our ongoing and completed projects as well as expert articles written by our gurus on topics like how to choose the right turnkey model, how to create a comprehensive maintenance plan and maritime segment analysis.

Annual Review 2020

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Download our magazine to read about the year that has passed. You will find information about our ongoing and completed projects as well as expert articles written by our gurus on topics like how to choose the right turnkey model, how to create a comprehensive maintenance plan and maritime segment analysis.