There are several good reasons for choosing remote prefabrication of parts of a ship or rig. Schedule benefits, cost efficiency or filling competence gaps are among the most common ones. Using a flexible construction strategy can mean cost efficiencies for the yard and more reliable project execution for the owner. ALMACO can deliver fully outfitted superstructures and living quarters to be integrated to a vessel anywhere in the world.

FLEXIBLE alternative for cost savings

Yards can achieve lower costs and higher schedule performance by contracting a reliable full turnkey provider with a wide supplier network to handle all aspects from steel fabrication to transportation analysis and complete outfitting. 

Maximized Production Capacity

When the yards focus on the parts of the ship- or rig where their core expertise lies, it means they can maximize their production capacity to include more projects. Yards and owners that contract ALMACO for a remotely fabricated superstructure or living quarter can be certain that it will be delivered on schedule allowing the yard to focus on the time-consuming hull construction and vessel systems. 

Reducing risks

Not everyone is, nor needs to be, a world-leading expert on accommodation areas. It rarely makes sense for yards or owner organizations to develop accommodation expertise in-house instead of contracting a full turnkey provider like ALMACO to support the project from beginning to the end. 


Thanks to ALMACO’s logistics capabilities, we can provide FEM analysis and sea transportation of the complete superstructure or living quarter globally, regardless of the final integration location. Transportation can be planned by different vessel types according to the project needs, including ocean barges, heavy lift vessels or submersible transportation vessels. ALMACO can also lift the unit for final integration.


As experts in managing and delivering large project, ALMACO can prefabricate full superstructures anywhere in the world. We have extensive knowledge in all accommodation area systems and aspects of a well-functioning superstructure or living quarter and can deliver unrivaled added value.