“Our specialty is to take high-class accommodation and catering solutions and adapt them to fit strict offshore regulations.” 

Working offshore, far away from home in sometimes challenging conditions, can be harsh for the workers. The work itself can also be demanding, meaning that the living conditions off shift need to be hospitable to keep the workers safe, relaxed and satisfied. Providing the workers with premium food service and living conditions converts directly into a lower rate of accidents and higher productivity. 

Good living conditions

Working on a rig or offshore vessel should not be a synonym for living in poor accommodation conditions. On the contrary, we believe the accommodation solution should help provide proper quality of sleep and comfort to balance out long work shifts. The same rule applies to food serving. The catering solution on the rig or vessel should have a detailed plan for serving tasty, high quality food from breakfast to dinner, and all throughout the night. High food quality is one of the main factors that can have an impact on personnel satisfaction at an offshore site. 

Cost-efficient, high-end accommodation

ALMACO has a long history of providing cost-efficient, high-end accommodation solutions to offshore owners, always with a strong focus on safety and compliance. One of the biggest benefits or working with us is the opportunity to use modern fabrication methods, like modular cabins, to achieve better quality with less costs. 

Technical requirements, reporting and safety

Many companies are able to provide high quality, but few have as much experience as ALMACO of combining strict regulatory requirements with comfortable and good-looking accommodation solutions. Taking technical requirements as well as reporting and safety management into account is everyday work for us. It is part of our DNA and our processes adapted to working with oil majors and offshore operators.