Next Gen Vessel Refurbishment

Few interior areas are subject to as much tear and wear as the spaces onboard a cruise vessel, RoPax ferry or offshore accommodation areas. Up to thousands of people use the same spaces round the clock, seven days a week. This leads to even the most durable materials looking tired after several years in use, which can result in lower passenger and crew satisfaction. In today’s highly competitive market, even older vessels have to meet the expectations from passengers and crew and project the brand image in the same way as newbuildings.

Even though refurbishing large interior areas might seem like a mundane job just requiring some TLC, modern refurbishment project have more in common with high-end mass manufacturing than an image of a few guys in overalls splashing some paint around. Lean, standardized processes from the selection of materials to onboard logistics and workflows are the only way to execute demanding refurbishment processes that ensure on time delivery, long term durability and meet our customers’ expectations.

Refurbishment reference

Explorer Dream

  • Refurbishment of 80m2 VIP Galley, 530 existing cabins and construction of 22 new cabins and 2 suites