How we accommodate

When we are asked where our cabin factory is located our answer is “wherever you want it to be”. ALMACO’s Mobile Cabin Factory can be transported and set up anywhere in the world. The modular cabins we produce have almost everything in place, except for toilette paper rolls as we like to joke, before they are lifted onboard and finalized.

We are among the largest cabin producers in the world right after the major shipyards. We have built over 34 000 cabins and completed over 330 projects since 1998 when our company was founded. Public areas, such as corridors, restrooms, SPAs, gyms, lobbies, wheelhouses, and stairs, or any other interior part of a ship or rig that is inhabited by people, are also an important part of our wide scope and expertise.

ALMACO has a long history of building living quarters and superstructures both at the yards’ facilities or as remotely prefabricated superstructures. It is all about having big dreams and making the seemingly impossible possible. And we must admit, transporting superstructures to the other side of the world sure is an astonishing sight that still makes us cheer.