Expedition vessels

“We help the expedition vessel industry streamline production while maintaining their label of supreme luxury and green values.”

Smaller vessels built for the commercial market, like expedition vessels, offer their passengers some of the most extravagant and unique travelling experiences imaginable. Passengers want to be able to realize their dream of an individual luxury adventure to exotic destinations. They step onboard with the highest of expectations and it is up to the vessel and crew to make sure that the experience meets, or even exceeds, the expectations. The gourmet food, the interior design, the accommodation facilities, everything onboard must perfect from first moment to the last.  

Attracting highly skilled workforce

As important as the menu and venue are, equally or perhaps even more important is the level of service provided by the crew onboard. Whether the vessel is in private or commercial use, the passengers are expecting the highest level of service provided by skilled and customer-focused crew members. Attracting quality crew members requires crew areas and services for crew members that make them enjoy living at sea in general, and on a specific vessel in particular. Fortunately, there are ways to provide the passengers and crew members with top-class surroundings in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way, without compromising quality and the sensation of luxury.

Streamlining and centralizing to reach targets

The trick is to streamline production as well as centralize as much of the project management as possible to a trusted and experienced turnkey supplier like ALMACO. We have experts for all crucial areas of the vessel and our core competence is high-level full turnkey project management. Our long history in the maritime industry has resulted in a large network of trusted suppliers and sub-contractors, who can assure efficient solutions, materials and timetables. One of the biggest benefits or working with us is the opportunity to use modern fabrication methods, like modular cabins, to achieve better quality with lower initial costs as well as reduced maintenance. By initializing co-operation already in the earliest phases, value engineering and layout optimization can result in even greater cost and time savings.