“Our accommodation and catering solutions ensure crew satisfaction while delivering the dependability and resilience our Naval customers expect, cost-efficiently.” 

Protecting international shipping lanes and providing security 24/7 in vital defense roles in all conditions has always been one of the toughest, most demanding tasks at sea. In this uncertain and constantly challenging operational environment trust can only be built upon dependability, resilience and by solutions that are fit for purpose. Providing the best possible accommodation and catering solutions keeps the crew focused on the main tasks at hand even on long commissions.  

Commercial construction methods and materials

Traditionally naval vessel construction has been a very closed environment with very specific requirements, often resulting in high costs and long construction times compared to the commercial market. In many cases, the same construction methods, processes and suppliers are used, even if the vessel is not a frontline fighting ship but a patrol vessel, support ship or icebreaker. By using commercial construction methods and materials, as well as advanced modularization it is possible to reduce both construction and operational costs, while increasing crew satisfaction, spare parts availability and achieving higher reliability.

Cost-efficient, dependable accommodation solutions

ALMACO has a long history of providing cost-efficient, dependable accommodation solutions to Naval applications, always with a strong focus on safety and compliance. One of the biggest benefits of working with us is the opportunity to use modern fabrication methods, like modular cabins, to achieve higher quality with lower costs. 

Combining strict regulatory requirements with comfort

Many companies can fulfill standard requirements, but few have as much experience as ALMACO in combining strict regulatory requirements with comfortable and good-looking accommodation solutions. Taking demanding technical requirements as well as reporting and safety management into account is everyday work for us. It is part of our DNA and our processes adapted to working with naval projects.