Passenger Ferries

“Passenger ferries need cost-effective turnkey solutions that are practical and durable while looking great.”

The passenger ferry segment is a very diverse category of vessels. It ranges from cruise ferries with large public areas packed with amenities, to vessels built strictly for the purpose of transporting people and vehicles. There is something that they all have in common though; they are the motorways of the sea, a vital part of the transportation infrastructure and often indispensable to the communities they serve.

Quality dining options

Passengers expect modern, inviting public areas, comfortable cabins with low noise levels as well as quality dining options. Canteens serving industrial food and tired accommodation areas will no longer do. The journey must be a pleasant experience for the passengers. All equipment and materials onboard must be durable, easy on the eye and cost-effective. The latest pandemic has also shown that ease of cleaning and flexibility of the interior arrangements are becoming crucial. With new yards entering the passenger ferry newbuilding market, the need for experienced, reliable turnkey contractors has never been greater.

Cost-efficient, customized and modular

ALMACO is a leader providing cost-efficient, customized modular accommodation and catering solutions to passenger ferry operators and shipyards, constantly keeping cost and reliable delivery times as a priority. Our unique capabilities ensure that we can deliver projects from smaller visual turnkey catering deliveries to entire fully outfitted superstructure blocks. This allows us to provide just the right package to every customer, including yards in locations where local outfitting would be impracticable or unprofitable.

Large full turnkey deliveries

Many companies can provide standalone equipment and outfitting deliveries, but few have as much experience as ALMACO in performing large full turnkey deliveries starting from initial design to commissioning. Delivering on-budget with the quality level that our customers have come to expect from us anywhere in the world is what we are all about.