Ship types we serve

For more than 25 years, ALMACO has been serving many maritime sectors with complete hotel and interior area solutions. We specialize in everything from large cruise ships and offshore platforms to smaller vessels like expedition vessels, passenger ferries, naval vessels and offshore vessels. Despite many similarities, these different segments all have a slightly different focus and preferences. By working closely with each segment, we have learned how to accommodate our customers according to their values and requirements. We can bring the best from each segment and utilize it for value engineering in other segments. Luxury items bought in big volumes become affordable. Deep knowledge about strict offshore regulations ensures that also our commercial vessel deliveries comply with the strictest requirements.

The purpose of the areas on the vessels and platforms that we specialize in is always the same – the purpose is to be a good living area for PEOPLE. Therefore, we focus on people when we plan our work.

Stunning surroundings for people at sea

All vessels and platforms have one or several of the following groups as their focus to please: passengers, crew & workers, and private owners.

Passenger experience in focus

Creating memories for life.

Passenger vessels need public areas that allow for social activities without getting overly crowded and noisy. The passenger cabins are a place for retreat, where passengers can rest and relax before heading back out. Culinary experiences that please both the eye and the tastebuds are a must.

Crew & worker experience in focus

Comfortable, secure, and hospitable.

Safe and healthy living areas are always important, but long-term habitability is especially important when it comes to the crew and workers. Workplaces at sea that offer their workers quality food, good sleep, and leisure facilities, as well as a healthy environment in general are more productive, have less accidents and lower retention.

Private user experience in focus

Extravagant indulgence and exclusivity.

Luxury vessels for private owners are filled with hand-made, tailor-made, special-made craftmanship and exclusive material choices. Combining the highest level of finish with ease of maintenance, long lifetime and practicality is our specialty.