Cruise ships

“Cities on the sea serving thousands of passengers gourmet food, relaxation and memories for life.”

Designing and building a well-functioning cruise ship that can serve as many as 10,000 passengers and crew members for up to two weeks demands a lot of skill and experience, but also a strong network of reliable partners and service providers. 

Making living at sea a safe, comfortable and memorable experience

Passengers expect fresh and exotic gourmet food served in top-class restaurants. They book and plan their stay a long time ahead and look forward to stepping into cabins designed for travelling in comfort. Cruise ships are like small cities on the sea that provide entertainment, shopping, exercise, relaxation and exquisite food. Behind the scenes elaborate systems and technology solutions run to ensure safety, excellent service and smooth operation. The crew makes sure the customers are well taken care of, while also leading their own lives onboard. Many of the crew members never face the customers. They are in charge of safety, operations, maintenance etc. All these people, from customers to waiters and backstage crew members, have different needs and wants to make living at sea a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. 

Long experience in cruise ships

ALMACO has provided cruise lines and shipyards with project management, design, supply, installation and commissioning for over 25 years. We know how to tailor-make our offering for each project so that the cruise ship owner gets a functional solution with high-end finish on time and cost-efficiently. 

Turnkey delivery

We work with several different turnkey models. The optimal setup depends on the needs of the ship owner and shipyard as well as on the nature of the project. We have decades of experience of working closely together with inhouse cruise line teams as well as providing full turnkey solutions to our customers.

Lifecycle support

We travel side by side with the cruise ship throughout the whole lifecycle by offering pre-development and value engineering during the design phase, project management, supply and service planning during the construction phase. During operation ALMACO provides equipment replacements, spare parts and maintenance until the day comes when it’s time for refurbishment or modernization, after which we create a new beginning.