As part of ALMACO’s lifecycle services and One-Stop-Shop, we provide our customers with customized turnkey maintenance plans, installations and equipment service as well as consulting and training services.

We want to minimize our customers’ total cost of equipment ownership by customizing a plan for them that applies the right maintenance model on the right piece of equipment as well as assure the crew is trained to take care of the equipment on a daily basis.

Our competent team of Service Engineers is global with local presence in France, Italy, USA, China and Singapore. They are trained and certified experts of USPHS requirements and equipment maintenance of more than 500 brands.


Our Turnkey Maintenance concept is a combination of day-to-day maintenance services like condition inspection, trouble shooting, repair, calibration, etc. and the creation of extensive and customizable maintenance plans and schedules for our customers. We use a combination of several corrective and preventative maintenance models to build a plan that leads to reduced total cost of ownership. When each equipment has the right maintenance model in place, we manage to minimize equipment downtime, extend equipment lifetime, and reduce unplanned maintenance and administrative costs. Correctly performed maintenance ensure extended warranties and teaches the crew how to take care of the equipment properly.


A turnkey equipment installation by ALMACO means ALMACO handles the installation from beginning to end fully in accordance with OEM guidelines. The turnkey installation is performed during a modification or repair of the area and includes stainless steel foundation, tiling, plumbing, electricity, commissioning and even crew training. Since ALMACO’s installation is OEM compliant, OEM warranty is ensured for the modified areas. Additionally, all we do is USPHS compliant.


The equipment onboard has not been designed to remain switched off for long periods of time. Decommissioning and recommissioning of equipment both demand proper maintenance services not to ruin the equipment. We recommend doing a proper lay-up service to reduce the risk of failure when the equipment is switched back on. A “deep check” of the equipment enables us to do a thorough maintenance according to the OEM requirements and reduces the risk of unpleasant tastes and smells to occur.