How we cater

How can we help you, Madam and Sir? Can we get you a USPHS approved fully equipped smart galley? Perhaps with a side order of a Korean barbecue or a 10 feet chocolate fountain topped with an ice sculpture? Everything can be arranged!

When our customers are asked why they chose ALMACO as their catering turnkey provider, the answer is usually one of the following. ALMACO can handle large and demanding projects with strict USHPS requirements. We are the market expert in optimizing galley and provision store layouts. Ensuring a functional and safe workflow and optimizing space are among our specialties. Our combination of provision stores and refrigeration machinery is unbeatable, and we collaborate with the best laundry solution providers in the world.

Our pre-development, commissioning and operational lifecycle services assure our customers remain well-served at all times. Our ambitious and “crazy in a good way” project management team travel the world and always strive to top expectations. We are fortunate enough to have eager newcomers and true legends with decades of experience working in our inhouse design and engineering teams. It is not an exaggeration to say they are famous in our industry. Combining their deep knowledge with new technology and digitalization solutions is an exciting journey.