Whether on a cruise ship, ferry, yacht or an offshore rig, clean laundry is a must for the well-being of the guests and workers. Our specialty is to find a complete laundry solution that has just the right washing capacity for your operations.

ALMACO’s laundry solution covers the entire process from workload calculations to pre-development of the laundry layouts, optimization of workflow and washing capacities including water and energy consumption, development of detail design to full turnkey delivery of the complete laundry solutions with global lifecycle support. Our laundry solution covers all aspects of the laundry works onboard, including washing and drying lines, ironing, and folding areas as well as standalone units.

Pre-development ensures a successful project

“Well-planned is half done” and this applies very well to laundry projects. Pre-development design is a service by ALMACO that takes place before the actual project has started and suppliers and materials have been chosen. During the pre-development phase ALMACO’s laundry experts sit down with you to discuss alternative and innovate solutions that can help to optimize the laundry workloads and equipment capacities. During this phase, there is a possibility to evaluate the laundry location onboard to make sure that all interphases are considered and functioning well for their purpose. By presenting advanced 3D design, we can show you the laundry operations in detail.

As a result of our Pre-development service, the laundry operator receives preliminary layouts with workload calculations. Preliminary equipment lists are defined with the requirements for the water and energy consumptions already before the actual project has started. With all this information at hand, moving on to the building phase is considerably easier.

Robust laundry products for every need

Always with the entire product lifecycle in mind, we have selected equipment suppliers, who provide robust products suitable for marine and offshore use. Our product range covers everything from large tunnel washing systems to smaller stand-alone units. Our product offering includes continuous batch washers, presses, dryers, and stand-alone units. For flat work ironing, ALMACO provides feeders, multi-roll ironers, folders, and stackers, as well as towel folders. Regarding finishing equipment, ALMACO’s laundry solution covers pant toppers, finishing tunnels, presses and form finishers.

Turnkey delivery with lifecycle support

ALMACO’s core business is to provide project management, design, supply, installation, and commissioning. All this can be done using a number of different turnkey models, depending on the needs of the owner and yard, as well as the nature of the project. We have decades of experience of both working closely together with customers and providing full turnkey solutions to projects.

Typically, the turnkey scope for laundry areas includes the linen chute, steam generators sorting systems, linen storage areas, ventilation of the areas, etc. With ALMACO’s turnkey delivery, you have a large team supporting you all the way from the designing table to the very end of the laundry’s lifecycle. During the newbuilding phase, our project team help you develop the concept and turn it into a real operating system. After the newbuilding is delivered, we remain by your side to support you with our lifecycle services. This covers everything from preventative maintenance to spare parts and service operations. As ALMACO operates worldwide, we are close by, wherever your operations are located. This shortens our time to respond when you need our support.