Mobile cabin factory

Getting the benefits of modular cabins no longer means a yard needs its own cabin factory. Many shipyards today see great advantages in using mobile temporary cabin factories that can be located in close proximity of the project but construct the cabins modularly and outside the often-crowded vessel or rig. ALMACO’s mobile cabin factory helps owners and shipyards take advantage of modular cabin technology without the need for major investments. 

Reliable schedule and higher quality

The modular cabin concept is simple, instead of fabricating the cabins onboard during the construction phase, the cabins are prefabricated in a separate factory. This brings several major benefits to the owner and yard. The fact that the cabins are produced in modern factory conditions, instead of onboard during the final outfitting stage, enables a better end-result. By splitting the works into easily controllable stages, the cabins can be produced in even and high quality, no matter where the factory is located.

Another major benefit of using modular cabins is schedule reliability. Cabin production is a fully independent activity from the main shipbuilding process and the timing can be adjusted to serve the project in the optimal way. Modular cabins can be installed after background works are completed and instead of onsite fabrication, which might take several months, using modular cabins shortens this period to days. The pace of production can be easily adjusted and increased based on the overall construction schedule of the ship or rig. 

Not tied to a fixed location

ALMACO’s mobile cabin factory concept has been developed to be easily relocated and set up anywhere in the world where ships or rigs are being built. The concept was developed so that all marine and offshore owners and shipyards, no matter the location, can benefit from this technology. 

Being able to use modular cabins enables small and medium-sized shipyards to work on bigger vessels with higher interior requirements, and it makes entering new markets and being competitive easier.  

Enhancing business

Cruise ship construction, traditionally conducted by a handful of large shipyards, is now also being contracted to new, smaller shipyards entering the market. These shipyards have experience when it comes to building smaller vessels, but haven’t so far had the capacity to enter the cruise ship market with large cabin volumes. 

ALMACO’s support and mobile cabin factory concept gives the owners the option to consider new construction locations and shipyards, without taking risks with the cabin areas. 

Looking ahead

We are able to scale our production to serve everything from small-scale offshore projects to large cruise vessels, and still keep the cabin factory investment low. Assembly lines developed by us are simple and can be operated by the local work force. ALMACO manages the full chain from design and material logistics to the final cabin assembly.