In any type of vessel, the quality of the cabins has a high impact on the overall performance and functionality of the ship. 

When it comes to luxury passenger vessels, suites and cabins are a major part of the value that vessel operators offer their customers, and thereby an essential part of their business. In the offshore industry, comfortable cabins are a significant contribution to less accidents and higher productivity. In all sectors, crew cabins with a high standard contribute to enhance the employer brand. 

The quality of the cabins designed and delivered by ALMACO reflect our long history of perfecting cabins throughout our 25+ years of experience.

Outstanding cabins make an impact

Being one of the biggest cabin producers globally makes our expertise stand out. We want to make sure all of our projects receive 'perfect' cabins that stand for good quality of sleep, entertainment and comfort throughout the whole time when guests and crew are staying onboard. 

Having a good night’s sleep might not be as easy as it sounds, unless the cabin has been equipped with the best possible sound insulation and a comfortable layout. A cabin is a “home away from home” so it needs to provide safety and comfort, but it also needs to be an enjoyable place that people look forward to retreating to.  

Our Turnkey Project Models

ALMACO’s core business is to provide project management, design, supply, installation and commissioning. All this can be done using a number of different turnkey models, depending on the needs of the owner and yard as well as the nature of the project. We have decades of experience of working closely together with inhouse teams as well as providing full turnkey solutions to our customers. 

As a partner for the shipyard or the owner, we are flexible and adapt to different requirements in each individual case, while making our partners’ lives as easy as possible.

The importance of Design

Designing a perfect cabin requires attention to details, while taking all possible scenarios and passenger needs into account. The satisfaction level of the person spending time in the cabin depends on even the smallest items being honed to perfection, whether it is the location of towel hooks or the storage space for luggage.  

It’s easy to design a cabin that looks good on a drawing board, but when ALMACO’s team has the design responsibility, we go beyond what looks good on paper by also considering functionality and safety aspects. Designing cabins is always a dialogue between the owners and operators to plan the spaces in a way that actually adds value to the spaces, instead of just filling them. Our aim is to use a combination of our 3D design, experience and equipment selection competence to make our end customer look good by having best possible cabins. 

Looking ahead to future-proof

It is important for us to build cabins that retain their functionality years after delivery. Even after years of operation, a cabin has to remain as usable and comfortable as it was upon delivery. This means, we can’t focus solely on what matters today. We must make sure the cabins are future-proof by considering the possible future needs and wants of the passengers and the crew members.

Global sourcing & production competence

In all the various segments that we work in, we must always remain cost-efficient in everything we do. Cost-efficiency does not equal lower quality, instead we always tell our customers that “you can make a cabin look nice or 'not so nice' with the exact same budget”. With the help of our partners and our expertise, we can provide alternatives and suggestions for any project to decrease costs, while still maintaining, or many times increasing, the original quality. 

Side by side throughout the lifecycle

The lifecycle of a ship or rig begins as soon as the first line is drawn. This is where ALMACO enters the picture to provide full lifecycle service. From the first concept of cabin, we simultaneously start to plan the full lifecycle of the cabin. We help the owners to plan maintenance and support with all services required during the full lifecycle of the cabin. ALMACO takes care of the work from the first drawing to maintenance and eventually complete modernization.