Refrigeration Machinery

Keeping perishable food items refrigerated is a critical, yet easily overlooked operational part for any vessel. A breakdown in the refrigeration machinery might cause an unplanned return to port or pause in operations, causing loss of revenue as well as being a potential reputational issue. Constantly evolving and tougher regulations on refrigerants make future-proofing refrigeration machinery a challenging task for any owner or operator.

As the market leader supplying compressor units, air coolers and high-end electronic control systems for refrigeration plants in cruise ships, ferries & offshore units, ALMACO can offer the most comprehensive customized turnkey refrigeration solutions. Some of the benefits ALMACO offers to the marine industry is a wide range of refrigeration machinery, flexible design, and a choice of compressors. Our high-end condensing units, brine chillers and control systems meet the stringent demands set by the marine environment and regulatory authorities.


ALMACO offers complete engineering of the system and its components: refrigeration units, air-coolers, computerized Scada system (Cool Control) and electrical panels as well as turnkey installation services. From the initial design to commissioning of the system and crew ALMACO is an experienced and reliable partner through the complete newbuilding process.


ALMACO has been a pioneer in bringing new innovative solutions to the marine refrigeration market, enabling refrigeration solutions that reduce not only the environmental footprint, but also reduce crew workload and reduce space requirements. The space-saving precision air cooler, wide selection of available refrigerants including CO2 based solutions as well as the unparalleled Refrigeration Equipment Management system make any system delivered by ALMACO a sustainable and lasting solution.

Global sourcing & production competence

Our world-wide partner network and sourcing contacts make it possible for us to offer reliable delivery and high-quality solutions at competitive prices. We use long-term production partners and marine compliant suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia to ensure each project is provided with the best standard equipment, at the right price and at the right time. 

Side by side throughout the lifecycle

The lifecycle of a ship or rig begins as soon as the first line is drawn. This is where ALMACO enters the picture to provide pre-contractual services. As the drawings come to life, equipment lists are made, and maintenance programs and spare part supply systems are created. Digital solutions and equipment inspections help the owners determine the needs for equipment updates, refurbishment and modernization. ALMACO takes care of the work from the first drawing to maintenance and eventually complete modernization projects.