Digitalization of ships

“We have seen that the best results are achieved when digital systems are developed together with the customer, considering their needs and degree of digital maturity.”

At ALMACO, we have always committed to being a forerunner when it comes to innovative solutions, and digital smart solutions are no exception. We created our first own digital solution, GEM, in 2013 and since then we have come far in the development of smart solutions for ships, especially in catering and service operations.

Maritime adoption of digital solutions

When it comes to marine hospitality areas and operations, we see the strongest progress in the catering areas and the service and maintenance operations. Typical digital smart solutions in catering and service applications are galley management systems with automatic shutdown of equipment when not in use, intelligent scheduling and cooking pattern mapping, as well as service systems for preventive and condition-based maintenance, and IoT solutions.

Besides from operational smart solutions, the technology is used for automating some parts of the design, engineering, and construction processes, thereby minimizing human errors, improving service, and ensuring time schedules are kept.

Digital catering areas bring savings

The future is here, and galleys are becoming increasingly greener and more digitalized by the minute. ALMACO offers solutions for energy-saving, preventative maintenance and equipment use optimization. These solutions all help the owners achieve the highest environment requirements while also saving energy and extending the lifetime of the galleys.