ALMACO and OiL Chef announce exclusive distribution agreement for deep fryer solution

Posted on April 25, 2023

OiL Chef, the innovation award winning supplier of premium culinary eco-friendly deep frying technology, and ALMACO have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the marine and offshore sectors.

Revolutionary Oil Chef™ deep fryer devices to be distributed by ALMACO

Under the agreement, ALMACO Group will distribute OiL Chef’s innovative OiLChef deep fryer devices to its marine and offshore customers worldwide. The OiLChef devices significantly extend the life of cooking oil in deep fryers, reducing energy consumption, cooking oil consumption, carbon footprint and food waste, while improving the quality of the food being cooked.

“We are excited to partner with ALMACO Group to bring our revolutionary OiLChef™ devices to the marine and offshore industries”, says Sean Farry, CEO of OiL Chef. “ALMACO’s reliability, experience, and vast network in the field make them the ideal and most qualified strategic distributor for our culinary innovation.”

Efficient and sustainable solution for galleys

Julie Marelli, After Sales Manager for USA at ALMACO Group, says: “We are pleased to add OiL Chef’s deep fryer device to our portfolio of products. Our customers in the marine and offshore sectors demand high-quality products that improve efficiency and sustainability in their galleys and catering operations; the OiLChef device delivers on both fronts.”

OiLChef devices are basically maintenance free with a 3-year full warranty. A minimum of 25% less cooking oil is needed after installing OiLChef, which results in cooking oil savings, less time spent on changing cooking oil, less waste, as well as less space needed for storing cooking oil.

Hervé Touzard, Vice President of Lifecycle Services at ALMACO Group, added: “Our team looks forward to working closely with OiL Chef to ensure the successful distribution and implementation of the OiLChef devices on our customers’ vessels.”

ALMACO Group’s expertise in the marine and offshore sectors and OiL Chef’s innovative award winning culinary technology make this exclusive distribution agreement a win-win for both companies and their customers in galley and catering operations.
The distribution and collaboration agreement between ALMACO Group and OiL Chef is effective immediately.

For more information, contact

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Julie Marelli

After Sales Manager, USA

+1 561-350-6423

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Hervé Touzard

Deputy to the President, Lifecycle Services Division

+33 6 8597 3048

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About OiL Chef

The multiple international award winning brand OiL Chef is the global leader of premium culinary oil preservation technology. The innovative OiLChef deep fryer accessory significantly extends the life of cooking oil in deep fryers, saving operators between 35% to 60% on oil purchases. The innovative eco-friendly approach, improves food quality, reduces the cost of food, and carbon footprint, enabling kitchen galley staff to create a healthier crispier deep fried food in less time at a lower frying temperature.

OiLChef is manufactured in North America and can be found in some of the biggest land based brands of food service providers in Canada, USA, UK, Middle East, Australia, and Europe.

OiL Chef has land based distribution in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Miami, Southampton and has been promoted globally for the past 10 years to all land based businesses by Eco Friendly Chef Corp. a Canadian Corporation based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with additional offices in the USA and UK.

OiL Chef’s products are trusted by professional chefs and foodservice providers around the world.