ALMACO delivers modernization of recreation and crew areas to exclusive superyacht

Posted on October 31, 2022

In October 2022, a privately owned superyacht, was delivered to our client Nautech with a rebuilt background including fire insulation, new floors, and sub-structures for walls and ceilings for public spaces. ALMACO’s scope of work consisted of the refurbishment of the discotheque, home cinema, salon, and the corridor in the crew area.

Originally a Dutch navy vessel, the superyacht was converted into a big-size luxury vessel in 2006 at ADM Shipyards. Since then, she has been serving as a privately owned superyacht with rare agility and speed. The big-size superyacht is 141 meters long and can accommodate up to 60 guests and 49 crew members.

The interior of the elegant, dolphin-like vessel is modern with a futuristic touch and the state-of-the-art entertainment systems and areas onboard consist of the highest quality solutions. ALMACO was in charge of the reconstruction of the background works and the Aluminum honeycomb structures for the discotheque, home cinema, salon as well as the corridors in the crew area. The crew corridor area was equipped with new floors and walls. The work took place in La Seyne-Sur-Mer in France.

Jean-Pierre Lepage, ALMACO’s Project Manager, says “This project was extremely interesting for us as it is one of our first superyacht deliveries. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the owner representative, the yard in charge of the refurbishment, and our partners, we were able to finish and deliver our public areas and crew corridors onboard the vessel on time and with the highest quality”.

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