ALMACO interactive cd provides customers with support and service of equipment

Posted on March 18, 2004

MacGREGOR food handling technology unit, ALMACO since May 2005, has developed a new way of providing its customers with optimum support and servicing of shipboard galleys, provisions stores and refrigeration machinery. By using CD-rom technology, ALMACO can give its customers a comprehensive description of all installations and associated components, including an exact spares list and inventory. The CD-rom is fully interactive and provides customers with a tool for analyzing servicing problems, maintenance needs, and has the ability to fast-track spare part location and procurement.

The system has been developed by ALMACO and although aimed specifically at ALMACO products it can easily be adapted for any make of food handling products supplied by third parties. The product was initially developed as an in-house tool to speed up spare part chasing but it has been further developed into a customer-friendly tool for shipboard use. The electronic manual includes all details of equipment and system components. A client can find the right part with just a few clicks on a computer. The first interactive CD-rom manual was prepared for the elevators on Royal Caribbean’s M/S Voyager of the Seas and subsequently some 50 CD-roms have been supplied for different ships with galley equipment, provisions stores and refrigeration machinery.

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