ALMACO Introduces New Web Tool for managing projects

Posted on May 11, 2002

The new project and document management system supplied by Fujitsu Invia has been named as ALMACO Navigator. Navigator is an easy to use web-based tool made for project managers, project members, ship owners and partner suppliers working with conversion and refurbishment projects as well as facility management. Navigator offers a workspace for project managers that have all relevant information for successful project management easily available. Navigator has its own interface for owners and partner suppliers where they can view and modify project related documentation and follow the project in real time.

Navigator in a nut shell:

  • Navigator is a web-based workspace – a home page of the project manager
  • Navigator is a document management system – tool for project managers to manage projects and project documentation
  • Navigator is collaboration – better and faster communication with project members, ship owners and partner suppliers
  • Navigator steers the projects – guides and instructs the project managers according to a conversion process
  • Navigator helps to share best practices – project managers can learn from each other

For more information, contact

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