ALMACO supports Ship Owners with Spare Parts Inventory

Posted on November 26, 2015

ALMACO’s customers are continuously increasing their fleet in Asia and experts at the 2015 CCS10 China Conference predict that 40 to 50 Cruise ships will be permanently based and operated from China by 2018. Some of the challenges ship owners face are: Ships have been almost exclusively built in Europe and require spare parts from manufacturers located in Europe and USA Shipping parts from Europe and USA is expensive and delivery times are long Very few manufacturers have established inventory in China that meets marine-specific requirements Throughout the years, ALMACO has built supply chain expertise in China that is now combined with its widely recognized competitive spare parts services. ALMACO can therefore assist owners’ spare parts needs in the region as the company has already been operating an inventory with over 7,000 parts and 900 references in stock with a value of around half a million euros in Shanghai since the beginning of 2015.

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