ALMACO provides complete turnkey services to shipyards and owners for provision stores areas. ALMACO works together with the end users to customize the provision stores in order for them to get the best usability onboard.

ALMACO’s typical scope of supply includes:

  • Design of the cold stores areas in the form of layouts, with storage capacity and workflow factored in
  • Supply of prefabricated panels and all stainless steel materials
  • Installation
  • Warranty handling
  • After Sales Services

ALMACO’s years of experience have resulted in new and innovative solutions:

  • All wall & ceiling panels, 90 degree corner panels and S/S plates are fully prefabricated in the factory allowing for a tight adjustment and easy installation
  • The Pyrofoam panel space saving solution is also used for an A-60 provision store door that ALMACO has developed

Our typical products are:

  • Prefabricated & insulated panels for walls and ceilings for cold stores and freezer rooms (Polyurethane PU and Pyrofoam PF panels)
  • Insulated doors, hinged and sliding doors
  • A60 insulated doors, hinged and sliding doors
  • Accessories: pressure equalizing valves, hatches, etc. for both PU and PF systems
  • Rockwool panels for dry-stores
  • Installation of above materials and outfitting works