ALMACO is one of the market leaders who supply compressor units, air coolers and high-end electronic control systems for refrigeration plants in cruise ships, ferries & offshore units.

ALMACO offers customized Refrigeration Machinery solutions to its clients, ensuring that the system meets all needs.  Some of the benefits ALMACO offers to the marine industry is a wide range of refrigeration machinery, flexible design and a choice of compressors.  Our high end condensing units, brine chillers and control systems meet the stringent demands set by the marine environment and operation.

  • Engineering of the system and its components: refrigeration units, air-coolers, computerized Scada system (Cool Control) and electrical panels
  • Design of the piping systems
  • Supply of all materials
  • Warranty handling
  • After Sales Services

ALMACO’s years of experience have resulted in new and innovative solutions:

  • Factory packaged units with embedded electrical control panels, reducing foot print and enabling easy servicing
  • Powerful ALMACO CoolControl system allows full control and monitoring of the refrigeration units, the air-coolers and the galley refrigerators with maintenance and power consumption monitoring modules
  • Compact Air-coolers with EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) for freezer units and all components within the air-cooler housing