ALMACO completes two projects for Carnival Jubilee

Posted on February 7, 2024

In October 2023, ALMACO successfully delivered a project for the newbuild Carnival Jubilee at MEYER WERFT in Papenburg. The catering project consisted of a full visual turnkey delivery of all the ship’s cold rooms. Additionally, ALMACO supported the yard with manpower for work consisting of fixed furniture installation in over 1000 cabins. This second project was delivered in December 2023.

Carnival Jubilee equipped with USPH cold rooms by ALMACO

MEYER WERFT and Carnival Cruises chose ALMACO to plan, design, build, supply and commission all the cold rooms onboard Carnival Jubilee. Frédéric Vasseur, President of the Catering division, emphasized the significance of high-quality cold rooms for Carnival Jubilee, stating, “The cold rooms comply with the strictest USPH sanitation and safety requirements. The system is also highly efficient and has a patented door solution that has been developed together with a preferred partner of ALMACO.”

ALMACO supports the yard with fast-paced cabin installation

In May, 2023, our highly skilled team of 26 skilled carpenters and electricians was contracted by MEYER GROUP to support the yard with catch-up work in the accommodation areas. The team mobilized boarded the ship in only 2 weeks and achieved an impressive installation speed of 15 cabins per day. The total amount of cabins installed by ALMACO is over 1000. The project later extended beyond furniture to include air supply connections, additional electrical works, ceiling enhancements, and cabin finishings. With a workforce of at most 55 individuals, including a site manager and an electrical supervisor, ALMACO ensured the project’s smooth execution.

Jean-Pierre Lepage, VP of Accommodation Modernizations at ALMACO, notes, “Our team’s commitment allowed us to meet our targets. The completion of this project underscores ALMACO’s dedication to delivering quality solutions and agility to mobilize a large site team in a very short time.”

Gratitude for Collaborative Success

ALMACO expresses gratitude for the exceptional collaboration with MEYER GROUP. Jean-Pierre Lepage acknowledges, “The synergy between ALMACO, MEYER GROUP and EMS Precab was instrumental in the project’s success. The effort put forth by our team, combined with the shipyard’s and our partners’ support, has resulted in an end-result we can all be proud of.”

Future Sailings

ALMACO extends our warmest wishes for smooth sailing and unforgettable experiences to the ship, its owner, and all its future passengers.

For more information, contact

Picture of Frederic Vasseur

Frederic Vasseur

President, Catering Division

+33 676 192 072

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Jean-Pierre Lepage

Vice President, Modernization

+33 6 7222 9904

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