ALMACO delivered provision stores and fast thawing chambers onboard AIDAcosma

Posted on December 31, 2021

In 2017, MEYER WERFT awarded ALMACO with the contract to provide provision stores and fast thawing chambers onboard AIDA Cruises newbuilds AIDAnova and AIDAcosma. AIDAnova was delivered in 2018 and the sister ship AIDAcosma joined the fleet in December 2021.

The latest addition to the AIDA Cruise’s fleet and the sister ship to AIDAnova, the magnificent AIDAcosma, was delivered in December 2021 by the German shipyard MEYER WERFT. ALMACO’s work onboard AIDAcosma consisted of a complete visual turnkey delivery of 2600 m2 of provision stores, including design, engineering, and installation. The total scope of work onboard the large cruise vessel also included nine of the latest ALMACO-engineered fast thawing chambers (FTC). The FTC system is an innovative solution that supports a much faster thawing period while using less thawing surface. It provides a thawing capacity of 750 kg for each room for 12 hours, therefore allowing a thawing capacity of 6,750 kg 24 hours. ALMACO has also delivered FTCs onboard AIDA Cruises’ AIDAnova, AIDAprima, and AIDAperla.

“It has been great to work with both AIDA Cruises and MEYER WERFT on this project”, says Valerie Maes, Project Manager at the building site. She continues “Despite the situation with COVID-19 during the project, the co-operation between ALMACO and MEYER WERFT has been a success. The areas and equipment are of the highest quality, and they were delivered on time thanks to the flexible mindset of the team”. ALMACO is proud to have been a part of this 8-month-long project and to continue building on the long history of cooperation with both AIDA Cruises and MEYER WERFT.

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