ALMACO refurbished 45 cabins onboard Carnival Conquest

Posted on September 30, 2022

ALMACO had the honor to get the modernization contract to refurbish 45 cabins onboard Carnival Conquest. The work took place both during sailing and when the ship was on drydock in Spain. The project was delivered in September 2022.

Carnival Conquest, which is one of the ships in the Carnival Cruise fleet, sailed from Miami to Cadiz in Spain to be on drydock. ALMACO’s scope of work consisted of refurbishing 45 cabins onboard the ship. Most of the work was performed when Carnival Conquest was on drydock, however, to be more efficient and save time the demolition work was done when the ship crossed from Miami to Cadiz.

“Both Carnival Cruises and ALMACO are happy with this project and how it turned out. Thanks to the effective planning and teamwork between Carnival Cruises and ALMACO the project went smoothly” says Jean-Pierre, ALMACO’s Vice President, Modernization Accommodation System.

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Jean-Pierre Lepage

Vice President, Modernization

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